George Crocker


George Crocker



George Crocker is a strategy consultant and operating executive with deep experience in consumer products and services, food and beverages, nutraceuticals, and hospitality. His background combines the creativity of an innovator, the structured thinking of a strategy consultant, and the battle scars of line responsibility.

George has more than twelve years of direct P&L responsibility for small and medium sized food and beverage companies as a General Manager and CEO.  For eight years he served as the CEO of Cerebos Australia Limited, a diversified food and beverage manufacturer in Australia and New Zealand with 25 brands, 7 manufacturing sites, and over 800 employees. His role was to drive innovation through the company, which resulted in successful top line growth above the industry average, EBIT growth of 10% per year, and hundreds of innovations.  As an operating executive, George has championed innovation in the realms of product and package, service experience, business model, channel, organizational design, manufacturing process, administrative process, leadership development and strategy development.  He believes deeply in the possibilities of innovation in all aspects of a business, and is not afraid of regular failure in the pursuit of general overall success.  The overall enterprise he led had over $400M in revenue at the end of George’s tenure, but was comprised of semi-autonomous business units with revenues of $1M, $3M, $5M, $15M, $40M, $75M and over $100M. As such, George has direct experience with the varying economic models and constraints of small and mid-sized businesses and the different approaches to innovation which are appropriate and effective for each.

Prior to his line experience, George worked for nine years as a strategy consultant with Monitor Group, based in Hong Kong.  He served as the practice leader in Greater China and Southeast Asia for the Marketing, Branding and Consumer Insights strategy practice known as “M2C.”  He has lived and worked across various parts of Asia including Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia.

George holds an MBA from the University of California, Berkeley and a B.A. from Amherst College, and currently resides in the greater Boston area.