Bert Fickel


Bert Fickel



Bert Fickel is a seasoned intrapreneur and mentor, with a passion for bringing innovation to market and driving its adoption in global organizations. He has extensive experience with a wide range of companies and clients, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies to everything in between … and each time, his focuses on combining his background with sales, engineering, and facilitation along with the best in class innovation tools and frameworks necessary to empower organizations to develop compelling business ideas while accelerating them to market faster than ever before.

His professional experience began in sales, where he excelled at selling and marketing hotels for the start-up that was the precursor to the’s of the world. He went on to get his bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, where he then combined his design expertise with his sales background to start his own consulting firm. While working with clients, his leveraged his expertise in both design and intrapreneurship to accelerate product launches at companies like Whirlpool, Advantest America, and Motorola.

From there, his passion for business propelled him to get his MBA while starting a hotel management company where he ran hotels for several years. He still owns a franchised hotel property just outside of Denver.

He now works as a principal for the IXL Center, where he mentors MBA teams and facilitates innovation and leadership workshops for clients who want to develop innovation capabilities through action learning.