Team-Based Crowdsourcing


Team Crowdsourcing Program

Empower your organization to crowdsource ideas and concepts both internally and externally with a structured approach and an intuitive online platform

Our crowdsourcing software utilizes a diverge-converge process to collect, refine, and prioritize ideas, transforming the best ones into actionable business concepts

1.1 Innovation Intent

1.2 Focus Areas

1.3 Idea Selection Criteria

2.1 Generate ideas individually

2.2. Share and receive feedback

2.3 Refine ideas

3.1 Select Ideas

3.2 Build Business Concepts

3.3 Score Business Concepts

4.1 Submit Business Concepts

4.2 Mentor reviews

4.3 Submit Final Concepts


The program’s approach is the following:

  1. IDEX Process: A structured methodology designed to facilitate the systematic generation, refinement, and prioritization of ideas within teams
  2. Team-based idea generation: Collaborate in teams to generate diverse and innovative ideas through structured brainstorming sessions
  3. Trained Coaches: Benefit from guidance and support provided by trained coaches to enhance the quality and implementation of ideas
  4. Gamified Dashboard: Engage participants with a gamified dashboard that tracks progress, rewards contributions, and fosters a competitive spirit