The IXL Center team has a combined history of more than 40 years of teaching business and innovation at the graduate level. IXL team members have supplied graduate curricula and course software to MBA, Science, and technology management degree programs at universities on 6 continents. They have also developed course materials for the Global Innovation Management Institute and the Management Consulting Institute. The IXL team is available to teach entire credit courses or to guest lecture. To bring an IXL professor and curriculum to your program, please contact

Hitendra Patel, PhD.

Dr. Patel has been a Professor of Innovation and Strategy at the Arthur D. Little School of Management which later became Hult International Business School since 1999. He is also on a regular visiting Professor of Innovation at various major universities including the Rotman School of Business at the UofT, Singapore Management University, Thunderbird School of Global Business, Yonsei School of Business, Haskayne School of Business and the Global Innovation Management Institute. He has successfully taught globally in Boston, Calgary, Delhi, Dubai, London, New York, Sao Paulo, San Francisco, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, and Toronto. He is a proponent of action learning through projects and designed the Innovation Olympics which has been successfully been used with over 600 teams, 100 companies and with over 60 business schools. Dr. Patel worked at Motorola, Arthur D Little and the Monitor Group. He holds a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from Iowa State University, an MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management, and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. He has written various books on building innovation management systems, getting innovation results and trends.

Ronald Jonash

Ron has served on the faculty of Both the Tufts Graduate School of Engineering and the Hult International Business School and has taught in graduate school Innovation programs in California, Texas, and New England as well as in Mexico, China, and Europe and the UK. Ron’s specialties are the strategic management of innovation, technology and R&D to create and capture maximum value across the entire enterprise and ecosystem . He works extensively as an executive leadership and team coach organizations around the world and is also the lead coach and mentor over the last ten years for a large number of graduate school teams from over 100 different university teams in the IXL Innovation Olympics program and the Hult Prize competition where he also trains participants in the latest innovation management and development approaches. He has degrees in Economics and Engineering Systems from Princeton University where he also received his Master’s Degree in Architecture and Design. Ron Jonash has also led numerous executive leadership and development programs at major companies and has been the principal author of the most broadly used set of professional standards for both Innovation practitioners and leaders through the non-profit Global Innovation Management Institute where he is now chairman of the Board. Ron has also written numerous books on Innovation and has extensive experience bench-marking emerging best practices in innovation and capturing them in compelling stories and case studies used in his teaching.
IXL-Benjamin Sywulka

Benjamin Sywulka

Benjamin Sywulka has a B.S. In Stanford University’s symbolic systems, an MBA and a Master’s in Finance from Hult International Business School. He has been a speaker at science and technology events, guest-teacher in schools and universities, a motivational speaker among youth groups. He has taught various courses related to web design, open source software implementation and video production, and he has facilitated innovation workshops with Fortune 500 customers.

Currently B. Sywulka works as a Business Development Manager of a Mutinational company with more than thirty thousand employees. It works to support the development of new business and innovation in the corporation.

Farhoud Kafi

With over 35 years of teaching and business experience, Professor Kafi is a recognized leader in the education and entrepreneurship fields. As President of Babson Global (a subsidary of Babson College), Professor Kafi implemented the college’s global vision of entrepreneurial education. Professor Kafi also in several Dean roles at Hult International Business School in Boston, San Fransisco, and Shanghai. Professor Kafi has served on the faculty of Babson College since 1979 and served on the faculties of Hult International Business School, Brandeis College, Suffolk University, Northeastern University and Boston University.
IXL-Farhoud Kafi
IXL-Valeria Sanchez

Valeria Sanchez

Valeria Sánchez has more than 6 years of experience in innovation. She is working to promote innovation in engineer and business schools in Guatemala and is a professor and Campus Director of Innovation Olympics in Universidad del Valle de Guatemala and Universidad Francisco Marroquín. Valeria helped design the pensum for innovation, manages the programs in both universities and is a mentor for faculty members and student teams.

She has taught various courses and facilitated workshops for students and entrepreneurs, mainly in idea generation and business concept validation. Valeria holds a BA from Universidad Francisco Marroquín and a Masters in Innovation from Wales University.

Massimo Andriolo

Massimo Andriolo has served as a Mentor and Campus Director for the Innovation Olympics Programs run at Hult International Business School London Campus, University of Trento and University LIUC Carlo Cattaneo. He has also taught in graduate school Innovation programs at Universitá di Verona and at Global Innovation Management Institute. Massimo’s specialty is the strategic management of innovation to create and capture maximum value across the entire enterprise and ecosystem . Massimo has also led numerous leadership and development programs at major companies around Europe either directly or through prestigious corporate training organizations. Massimo holds a degree in Economics from University of Verona and received his MBA Degree from Hult International Business School.
IxL-Massimo Andriolo
IXL-Jinhong Kim

Jinhong Kim

Jinhong Kim has 8 years of professional experience in consulting and training about Business Innovation. He has taught Innovation courses at Yonsei University MBA Program and at Global Innovation Management Institute. In addition, Jinhong Kim has 20 years of management consulting experience working as a Global Partner of PwC Consulting, a COO for PwC Consulting Korea and the CTO & Co-founder at PWCSG, joint venture between PwC Consulting and CSG. His main focus is on creating and executing the value. Jinhong Kim holds Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Yonsei University and has completed Executive Program at Harvard Business School and Advanced Management Program at Stanford University.