Innovation Management System


Build your Innovation Strategy, Capacity, and Discipline

The Innovation Management System program allows organizations to strengthen / consolidate their innovation system by developing the strategy, the capacity and the discipline to innovate and drive high-performance results


  • Understand the key drivers for innovation
  • Quantify emerging growth gap and need for innovation
  • Understand your company’s investment and risk profile to define your strategic innovation portfolio


  • Establish a flexible and disciplined concept-to-customer innovation process to drive projects
  • Define who are the right people and partners to go fast, reduce risk, and ensure implementation
  • Compile an innovation investment balance sheet to effectively allocate resources to projects
  • Set targets and metrics for your innovation strategy.
  • Alignment and successfully manage your innovation initiatives.
  • Support an innovation culture and climate with organizational alignment and performance management systems that make innovation pervasive

The program’s approach is the following:

Understand current and desired state of innovation Learn insights from key stakeholders within the organization Facilitate collaborative sessions to identify challenges and opportunities, and develop actionable strategies for innovation