Innovation Assessments


Organizational Innovation Assessment

  1. Evaluate and understand the current state of innovation within your organization
  2. Identify gaps between your current and desired innovation levels and prioritize areas of improvement
  3. Receive detailed guidance and recommendations that align to your organization’s unique goals

The Organizational Innovation Assessment adheres to the GIMI Innovation Framework, which includes your organization’s innovation strategy, capacity, and discipline to yield high performance. 

  1. Use GIMI’s Innovation Framework of Innovation Strategy, Capacity, Discipline, and Performance
  2. Break down maturity level (on a scale of 0-10) for each key element of Innovation Strategy, Capacity, Discipline, and Performance
  3. Define the overall Organization Innovation Maturity (ranging from level 0 to 4) based on the aggregated scores
Do We Know Do We have the Do We have the
Why? When? Where? Processes, Peoples, Resources Leadership, Behaviour, Metrics
to Innovate? to drive ideas to commercialization? to finish what we start?



Innovation Potential Assessment

The innovation potential of an individual is determined by the combination of their (1) innovative mindset and (2) the knowledge and tools they master to drive innovation results.

The Innovation Potential Assessment (IPA) is an individual self-assessment that evaluates these two pillars, offering insights into strengths that can be capitalized on, as well as areas needing improvement to enhance potential.

Aggregately, it assists organizations in identifying the key drivers, enablers, and barriers necessary for strategically fostering innovation results.  


  1. Participants carry out an Online Innovation Potential Self- Assessment to discover their innovation profile
  2. The self-assessment categorizes individuals into one of seven innovation profiles based on their levels of mindset and know-how
  3.  Individuals receive instant results and insights, while organizations gain an aggregate understanding of their talent’s innovation capabilities, with recommendations for project staffing and training