IXL Center has a range of programs for various sizes of enterprises to help them build the knowledge, skills, and confidence to innovate in any environment. Our offerings are grouped under three major categories depending on your needs.


Build organizational excitement, clarity and alignment to start the innovation journey through

  • Keynote Speeches – Inspire and excite leaders, teams and individuals to take action around innovation
  • Innovation Diagnostics – Identify the gap between your current and desired state to make innovation real at your company
  • Innovation Roadmap – Develop a roadmap with the fastest pathways to achieve your business objectives


Develop bigger, better and bolder concepts and drive them faster and cheaper to implementation

    • Define Growth Areas – Identify new and exciting strategic spaces or growth areas for your company to drive future growth
    • Create Business Concepts – Create a portfolio of 5-10 complete, powerful and actionable new solutions to business challenges within a defined growth area
    • Develop Business Cases – Rapidly develop and refine a business concept into a clear and compelling business case
    • Build Artifacts & Business Plans – Significantly enhance the size and likelihood of success of the business case and be ready to execute it by pressure testing key assumptions


Develop strong organizational and performance capabilities around Innovation Strategy, Capacity and Discipline through training and development

  • Acquire Tools & Methodologies – Use innovation frameworks, tools and templates to guide your organization to innovate systematically and conveniently
  • Develop Individuals, Teams & Leaders – Build innovation capabilities through customized, blended action-learning workshops and certification programs
  • Build Innovation Systems – Deliver high-performance innovation results, innovation management and innovation transformation through consulting, coaching and advisory services