About Us

Make Innovation Management a critical business and professional discipline in corporations and business schools around the world
Be seen as the preeminent leader in innovation that helps others develop world-class innovation management capability to deliver 10X growth
  • We work on tough challenges and deliver high-value results
  • We use structured and discipline approaches to solve problems
  • We aim-high, work-hard and have fun
  • We believe in diversity, teamwork and the development of people
  • We uphold the highest standards of professionalism

We Work On The Toughest Challenges And Deliver High-Value Results

  • 10X – We work on big and bold things that make a difference in the world
  • Stretch – We are comfortable working in ambiguity and uncertainty
  • Wow – We deliver A+ work

We Use Structured And Discipline Approaches To Solve Problems

  • Anticipate – We listen carefully (SCQ), identify issues (Issues Analysis) and provide thoughtful options for consideration
  • Plan – We have clear objectives and deliverables with iteration cycles built into the work plan
  • Experiment and Iterate – We learn-by-doing, get feedback and improve
  • Build – We build systems and tools that allow us to differentiate, replicate, and scale

We Strive For Excellence And Have Fun

  • Integrity – We do what we say
  • Finish what we start – We find ways to get things done
  • Celebrate – We celebrate individual and team successes

We Believe In Diversity, Teamwork And The Development Of People

  • Respect – We listen to each other, and are considerate, kind, and fair to each other
  • Collaborate – We partner internally and externally, and seek win-win
  • Develop – We develop one another through apprenticeship, mentoring, and feedback

We Uphold The Highest Standards Of Professionalism

  • Ethics – We treat others as we wish to be treated
  • Meritocracy – We assign roles based on talent and performance
  • Confidentiality – We preserve client, partner, and IXL confidences
  • Prudence – We use client and IXL resources cost-effectively