IXL CENTER Newsletter, August 2018

Dear colleague,

During the last 8 weeks, over 100 students from 17 universities around the globe have joined the IXL Innovation Olympics to work on innovation challenges facing these industry-leading companies: Verizon, Harvey Building Products, Arbor International and TJX Companies.

IXL Innovation Olympics  has had a massive financial and social impact over the years, helping to spur new products, new markets, and economic development for top global corporations as well as national and state governments, resulting in solutions and pressure-tested business cases with a value of $1.5 billion.

We are getting ready for the fall 2018 IXL Innovation Olympics, starting at the beginning of October. Please contact yan.yu@ixl-center.net, if you would like your company to explore new growth opportunities.

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0X Growth Program – SMEs Accelerator | IXL CENTER


10x Growth Program Expanding to New Countries and Cities

The 10x Growth Program, after making an amazing positive impact in Colombia, has been successfully piloted in Brazil, Canada and Italy. IXL CENTER is looking for new opportunities to bring this program to new countries and cities globally.

The 10x Growth Program is a 4-6 month program that helps companies to:

– Develop a portfolio of growth Platforms with 10x growth trajectories
– Create a more energized and high potential business ecosystem
– Accelerate creation of new value and revenues by building innovation capability

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EDUVATE! — The Latest Book from IXL Center and GIM Institute

Eduvate! gathers case examples from more than fifty innovative educational institutes, schools and tech startups whose specific breakthroughs are dramatically changing the way education is being taught, delivered, received and consumed by people from all walks of life living across the globe.

Eduvate! will be published by the end of 2018. This book can act as a guide to individuals as well as organizations that are ready to adopt and exploit the disruptive potential of today’s eduvations to become leaders in education… or leaders through education.

Would you like to see your eduvation featured in Eduvate?

Contact publisher@giminstitute.org


The FAQs of Innovation: Lessons from the Leaders

IXL Center is completing an exciting project in collaboration with experienced Innovation Practitioners: The Innovator –  The FAQs of Innovation. This project is bringing together a “dream-team” of managers representing a variety of industries from around the globe to answer the most important questions concerning the practice of innovation. Click on the button below and receive new insights about innovation each month.

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