Yes! Innovation Can be learned. Lessons from IXL-Center

Why, “Disruptive innovation is to create value where nobody else dares”?


Organizations are not stupid. They can see the changes that are coming but are stuck in the current situation.  They are like the Titanic, they can see the iceberg, but are not able to change directions quickly because of momentum, physical structure and governance.  To tell an existing organization to change when it is currently successful is considered unnecessary or risky.  Individuals in the organization will ask why should we serve existing customers in new and different ways when the current ways are working.  The courage and the wisdom is to be able to manage the present while preparing for the change.  Many leaders prefer to harvest the present versus investing in the future.  They rationalize that the short term benefits will accrue to them and any long-term benefits will probably to the next CEO.  So it is only a few are brave and bold who are willing to drive the change while protecting the present.

Innovation also requires individuals to learn what to do next through experimentation.  Unfortunately, most organizations have created systems and processes to eliminate any experimentation except in R&D.  Individuals who propose new business models, new channels, new offerings, new processes, new suppliers, new partners and the list goes on are seen as disruptive to the organization.  It is these change agents who stand against the wind, the conventional wisdom, the existing system that are critical for driving change.  Unfortunately, they are either chased away or shut down by the organization culture.  However, there are few will not be shut down.  They are the brave ones, the irreverent ones, the ones who cannot be ignored and the ones who change the world (Apple).  Unfortunately, there are not many.

And you? What do you think?

 By Hitendra Patel